Posterity sees a growing need for Staff Augmentation for the white-collar executive segment as well as for professionals.

Posterity provides this service with various flexibilities such as on contract, to hire, or fixed-term employment for professionals through models such as hire-to-deploy or transfers to manage.

We help clients by letting them hire specialists without additional legal employment-related liabilities. Staff augmentation is a win-win situation for clients as well as for the talent pool as it offers lesser legal commitments, wider choice & flexibilities at both ends.

Posterity builds close association and relationships through active engagement with deployed workforce and put active efforts into redeployment. We keep active engagement with the deployed resources and ensure a seamless HR process.

IT Sector is one of the shining sectors which gives high-quality employment where much of work is time or project-specific. Posterity gives due emphasis on IT staff augmentation and provides resources to clients on various technologies as per the model suitable to the project and Client. A good understanding of the technology workforce and credible experience in IT staff Augmentation makes us a preferred player to cater to the IT workforce on demand.

As companies are putting greater focus on core activities and rationalizing cost on enabling functions, they hire specialists to execute the specific jobs in a specified time. Posterity enables the client in achieving this goal by augmenting professionals.

Posterity’s professional staffing service extends but not confined to Technology, Finance, HR, SCM, Project Management & Administration, etc.

Posterity endeavors to be a reliable partner to meet the need of the Contractual workforce and IT Staff Augmentation for its customers.

Known with many market terminologies as such Flexi staffing, Employee Leasing, Contractual Staffing or third party manpower outsourcing is growing need of industry to keep flexibility in the workforce to meet fast-changing business dynamics. Indian Contractual staffing percentage is still very low when compared to developed nation or global standards primarily due to stringent labor laws and Employee & Employer mindset where high societal preference is for job stability, security & longevity.

Currently, India has the third-largest contract staffing workforce in the world, after China and the US. The Government of India continues to be the biggest employer of temporary workforce amounting to nearly 15 million.

Posterity Consulting provides a wide array of options such as the hiring of contractual staff to Transition existing staff on its payroll. The client remains the Principal employer with operational control of the workforce and Posterity being the legal employer or secondary employer.

Posterity discharges liabilities such as payroll, labor/regulatory compliance and takes care of complete HR administrative responsibilities.

Posterity provides customized staffing services along with sound process and technology to give seamless service

Posterity enables its clients to optimize their workforce & cost and clients can opt for the model of “pay as you use”.

Our motto of service is to enable clients to rationalize their manpower and enable contractual employees dignified and safe employment.

Master Vendor & Managed service offerings of posterity are designed to keep futuristic changes in recruiting & staffing and to reduce spend through external partners.

Posterity assumes full responsibility for staffing or recruiting provision for its clients and enables clients in improving productivity, reducing cost. Many organizations are now seeing the benefits of engaging a single partner, a Master Vendor, or managed service provider to manage the entire process with the right program management (PMO), analytics, tools, and dashboard.

Our Master vendor or managed staffing program enables clients to have a single partner responsible for managing entire recruiting or staffing activities and close as many open positions in the stipulated time frame and if needed sub-vendor management is explored to close positions in defined TAT at lower commercials depending upon clients desire for ownership. The whole process helps clients to reduce costs and less administrative involvement.

A managed service offering of Posterity remains vendor-neutral, ensuring all vendors receive all requisitions at the same time. Posterity assumes the management of the vendor community. The experienced, dedicated MSP program team will ensure candidates are qualified and screened, and compliance standards are met while working with the client to select the candidate that best fits the request.

Experts oversee the process, paying close attention to the requirements outlined by the client. Experienced, dedicated program teams become the single point of contact for the clients and reducing the number of partners, alleviating all administrative burdens by employing a Vendor Management System (VMS).

In a Managed Service model, Posterity remains a neutral vendor. This means we can manage your recruitment agency relationships extremely effectively as there is never any conflict of interest around margins. We believe this transparency is best. Many organizations need to have a supply chain that is broad enough to meet a specialist and diverse recruitment needs. However, it can be challenging to manage such a broad supply chain. Processing multiple invoices and overseeing multiple relationships with suppliers, as well as managing performance is a tough ask.

We offer very much the best of both worlds. The supplier base is as broad as required but the burden of managing multiple suppliers and agreements is removed.

Managed service solution of posterity is all about enabling a level playing field for candidates, as we manage the process but do not give preference to its own directly sourced candidates. It allows clear competition and is easy to implement.

Each client and its needs are different and we in Posterity engage in hybrid solutions as well to meet the unique needs of each player in a customized fashion, it is a total blended talent Acquisition approach.

PEO or EOR services @ Posterity

Our PEO (Professional employer organization) or EOR (Employer of Record) Services helps companies to hire employees in India without establishing a legal entity. All human resources, benefits, payroll, and tax needs for the employees are managed by our PEO solution verticals, while the new hires and headquarter teams focus on your business goals.

In co-employment, the PEO becomes the employer of record for tax purposes, filing paperwork under its own tax identification numbers. The client company continues to direct the employees' day-to-day activities. PEOs charge a service fee for taking over the human resources and payroll functions of the client company. Many Startups, growing businesses, and SMEs PEOs.

Why PEO or EOR?


Best Practices

Focus on Business

Implementation with ease and speed

Offerings Under PEO or EOR