1. Skill Development - Vocational Education & Training

India is one of the world’s largest youth population with around 300+ million young people. However, a huge part of this population does not possess the necessary expertise needed for employment. Thus, there is a huge need for specialized skill-based training to increase employability.

We partner with various government programs, Government agencies, Corporate houses to implement vocational & skill-based training and increase employability.

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2. Campus Connect- Skilling & Assessment for School & Colleges

We provide the following solutions at the campus level in School & colleges:

  • >  Assessment for skill gap analysis
  • >  Vocational education & employability training
  • >  Personality Development Training
  • >  Behavioral Training
  • >  Training to excel in recruitment process & interviews.

3. Corporate Training – Functional & Behavioural

We take care of the below-mentioned training programs

People Development Skills


Sales Training

Customer Services

Functional Training