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Contingency search being the preferred way of Talent acquisition in India. We offer search solutions based on the success model.

We understand that it's people who make the difference and we help you hire them in the best way through our expertise & tools.

Posterity operates in a multi-partner nonexclusive model under this solution. Under this solution, we distinguish ourselves from the competition with strong processes, conversion, TAT, and effective response management.

We do not cut corners in what we do. High conversion at all levels from identification to onboarding. Along with short TAT makes us the preferred partner for our customers.

We bring qualitative services to our clients and mitigate their hiring risks by helping them to build quality teams.

Our engagement and support stretch till the last stage of the hiring cycle. We blend our self as an extended team of our clients and ensure a seamless process flow from search to onboarding.

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It is high-performing leaders who drive an organization to set big goals and achieve them. Identifying and attracting the right talent for this category requires a rigorous approach in assessing executives’ ability to be successful in specific roles and situations.A wrong hire in leadership can collapse the entire system.

The Executive search partner needs a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles, unrivaled access to senior executives, and impeccable judgment.

The leadership search Industry is still evolving in India and yet a few years away from Global standards. There are very few select players who are having a presence in India and are getting and executing true CXO search assignments.

Still many Indian & Global players are waiting for the market to get mature where clients are showing that faith for external professional hires as well as professional search companies to execute the search mandate. Thus Indian Search companies are still in process of building those capabilities and meanwhile executing maximum searches which are below CXO/Tier 1 and above middle-level hiring or tier 2 or tier 3 roles.

At Posterity we combine deep Market & Industry knowledge with a proven executive search and talent identification mechanism to help you find anchors & leaders who best fit your organization’s need of drivers for the growth engine.

Posterity being a niche player in select segments is supported by limited qualitative experienced domain-specific consultants in responding to market demand and have earned credentials with existing customers.

We have got defined approaches and methodologies to execute assignments with the utmost confidentiality. We work on the following search models.

Contingent Search

Where a client wishes to engage a partner on a contingent basis and may not always hire an external candidate, and reward is based on Success.

Retained Search

We offer this service where clients engage us on a binding and exclusive basis and rewards are not always contingent on Success.

Content-Based Search

We offer desired market insight based on client needs and execute limited activities for the assigned mandate.

Posterity has got credible success leadership Search and committed to providing quality leadership talent to its clients.

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Why the need for RPO?

As hiring is contextual to macro market, Business Environment and Industries growth. Companies need specialist partners to execute project-specific hiring.

Posterity understands that in changing times of the dynamic economy, business is getting more and more complex. Employers today want to focus more on the key functions and revenue generation areas. Functions like Recruitment which are not direct revenue generators but very key for the organization's success can be outsourced to external experts.

RPO platform of posterity plugs into client needs where the client either strategically decides to outsource complete recruiting / sourcing piece for long duration or where the client is in need of project & time-specific hiring.

Posterity offers customized RPO solutions specific to Verticals, Levels, Geographies & Functions within Organization. We also execute the complete hiring process of clients if required.

We can be your right partner to take care of your talent acquisition end to end.

Reducing Cost with Shared Risk

We are working in an ever-changing economy and the business can go through a down turn or can have a sudden spike. We as an outsourced partner will take care of both. Having an in-house team with a much higher regular cost will be a burden on the revenues of the organization.

Scalability & flexibility

Based on the need the outsourced team can be trimmed or increased at any point of time. We always have a Talent pool that can be mobilized need basis.

Stronger Accountability

RPO will help you break the long red-tapism with multiplicity of accountability. RPO helps in breaking the clutter and keeping it simple with singular accountability.

Domain Expertise

We as a partner can tap talent from various competition organizations too from where at times it gets difficult for the employer to hunt. Our RPO solutions will bring Innovative sourcing techniques, Comprehensive mapping of Job Market and wider funnel of Talent Pool.

Posterity Advantage:

RPO @ Posterity blends the following ingredients in optimum way in close consultation with clients.>

Posterity is keeping in sync with contemporary RPO solutions and evolving as a niche RPO player.

Various Independent and association researches and reports suggest that around 70 -80% of Engineers and MBA graduates in the country are not skilled enough to be absorbed by Industry into formal employment. Organizations incur heavy costs in assessment & selection and end up draining disproportionate energy and resources.

With its reach to more than 1000 campuses across the country and an understanding of the skill and technical specialization of campuses. Posterity helps you tap the best talent through its detail-oriented and scientific assessment tools.

Posterity’s campus solutions help you in the following areas:

  •  >  Ensuring a seamless process and Bridging gaps between students, colleges, and organizations.
  •  >  Effective and right branding of the organization among probable hires.
  •  >  Measure and identify talent.
  •  >  Reduction in time spent on administration and logistics.
  •  >  Identify Train and Hire as per the need of the client.
  •  >  Flexibility to source candidates from wider geographies. Thus ensuring a diverse demographic talent pool.
  •  >  Customizing Assessment as per the need of the organization.
  •  >  Online & offline assessments process management.
  •  >  Pool campus facility for a higher talent pool.
  •  >  Assessment by agency and in-office final process to save time & cost.
  •  >  Talent Pool analytics & reports.

Posterity’s Solutions for Industry:

Types of Assessments:

Helping clients in identifying young TURKs.

Emerging sectors are resulting in emerging roles thus making talent war more complex, Companies can no longer be oblivious to challenges & continue to be to acquire talent with obsolete talent acquisition strategies, people, practices, processes, policies, tools & structures. It requires periodic relook and reengineering with a holistic approach, Posterity co-work with clients to reengineer same.

  • >  Employer Branding
  • >  Talent Attraction
  • >  Recruiting Cycle – Gaps- delays & dropouts
  • >  SLAs- TAT & Conversions
  • >  Candidate engagement & Management
  • >  Candidate experience
  • >  Process, Tools & Technologies, Records
  • >  Expectation & stakeholder management
  • >  People
  • >  Logistical dimensions
  • >  Policy and structural areas
  • >  Psychological Biases & stereotypes
  • >  Diversity
  • >  Approaches & Methodologies
  • >  Sourcing mix
  • >  Recruiting Partners & Models
  • >  Costing & Budgeting
  • >  Problem statement
  • >  Desired goal
  • >  Diagnosis & Gap Analysis
  • >  Strategy Formulation
  • >  Implementation
  • >  Improvement Analysis

Approach posterity for Talent acquisition solutions & consulting.