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    Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India

    As the number of startup shoots up investment and R&D centers are also on the rise in Banglore. This article showcases the growth and Rise of Start UPS in the Silicon Valley of India.


    Hiring challenges in 2018

    BENGALURU: Talent acquisition is likely to be challenging for recruiters in India in 2018


    Hiring talent a challenge for companies in 2018

    Talent acquisition is likely to be challenging for recruiters in India in 2018, according to nearly eight in 10 human resources heads and business leaders surveyed by talent assessment and skill measurement company Mettl. 


    Talent Analytics – Key to growth

    The digital revolution is redefining the workplace, skills requirement and the employer-employee relationship in a more fundamental way than ever before. 


    India seen topping global labour force in next dec

    India’s working-age population is expected to expand to 18.6% of the global labour force by 2027, up from 18% this year.


    India -demographic dividend

    The third edition of the Voice of Asia series titled ‘Demographics fuelling Asia's shifting balance of power’ was released today. 


    Big Data in HR

    Gartner expects the market for BigData and analytics to generate $3.7 Trillion in products and services and generate 4.4 million new jobs by 2015.


    Unconscious bias in recruiting
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    Human Resource- The Absolute Necessity
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