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    Recent labour law changes in 2017

    Payment of Wages (Amendment) Act, 2017 enabling payment of Wages to employees by Cash or Cheque or crediting it to their bank account.


    Fixed-term employment: Long-term benefits!

    Ease of doing business just got a big boost. In a big-ticket labour reform, the government has now allowed fixed-term employment contracts across sectors.


    Government readies social security scheme for 50 crore workers

    The labour ministry has proposed a comprehensive social security system to provide retired,unemployment to 50 crore workers in the country.

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    AI-enabled recruitment management systems seek out bias

    Employers are increasingly using recruitment management systems as a way to recognize unconscious bias and improve hiring diversity.

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    Reward Philosophies India - 2017

    Though substantial development has taken place in the area of Total Rewards - catalysed by new age workforce, technology and innovation.

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    Digital Recruiting

    To attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s time to reimagine the entire talent journey, from hire to retire.


    Indian engineering students can't think as high as Chinese and Russians

    India may have a large number of youth but most of them are inadequately skilled for jobs.


    Unconscious bias in recruiting
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