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    Location Andhra Pradesh
    Company US based Financial Product Company
    Category 1
    Posted On 21/05/2020

    Job Overview:



    Location: Hyderabad


    ->15+ years of building sophisticated, world-class, highly reliable multi-tenant software systems that have stood the test of time.

    ->From being highly proficient to being an expert in at least one OOPS language (C#, Java, C++, etc.)

    ->Fluency in the understanding of diverse data persistent systems like RDBMS, NoSQL systems, distributed cache, durable queues, etc.

    ->Very conversant with SOA and event-driven architecture

    ->Expert debugging skills in prying through crash dumps, flipping through performance bottlenecks using various profiler tools

    ->Mentoring and helping fellow team mates/engineering communities with complex technical issues.

    ->Very comfortable in presenting technical ideas and authoring documents / white-papers.

    ->Deep desire to work collaboratively, solve problems with groups and find win/win solutions

    ->Able to obsess over customer success with great zeal and relentless pursuit in solving hard and challenging problems.

    ->Good written and oral communication skills.



    ->Design, develop and ship large-scale, highly available and multi-tenant features.

    ->Coordinate with various teams like Product Management, Tech Ops, Customer Support, and Quality Assurance to ensure the successful rollouts and happy customers.

    ->Understand and break hard technical problems into atomic, re-usable software blocks that can be plugged and played as needed.

    ->Getting hands-dirty in developing underline infrastructural code base upon which junior members can build business logic.

    ->Pioneer and lead the team by example in writing clean, flexible, unit-testable code.

    ->Let your coding style, passion and relentless efforts inspire the team more than words.

    ->Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.

    ->Take every opportunity to automate anything and everything striving to ever-minimize human intervention. Build tools that are descriptive and equally diagnostic by all means.

    ->Be ahead of the curve in latest technologies and proactively strive to continuously improve the technology stack with the latest offerings in the market, with zero disruptions to existing products and processes.

    ->Be able to ramp up on the most complex code bases and is able to constantly refine and refactor code bases with evolving business requirements.

    ->Always builds and advocates technical capital and discourages technical debt.


    Nice to haves:

    ->Strong understanding of web application frameworks

    ->Strong understanding of web infrastructure components like load balancers, proxies, gateways, etc…

    ->Good understanding of multi-dimensional modelling

    ->Good understanding of Cloud PaaS/IaaS/IdaaS offerings like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc

    ->Strong understanding of practical DS/Algos being used every day by developers worldwide.

    ->Good understanding of out-of-the-box AI/ML solutions

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