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    Impact of Working environment on productivity


    Impact of Working environment on productivity

    Every organization has an objective, purpose, or some goal to accomplish and its individual’s duty to fulfill the organization’s goal. This is how productivity comes into the picture. productivity is nothing but the calculation of the efficiency of a person, machine in converting input into expected outcomes. Productivity is basic and the foremost parameter in the production performance of a workplace Productivity is directly proportional to the organization’s profit. Spike in
    productivity helps in boosting the profitability of that organization. There are various components that play a major role in the productivity of the workplace and it includes man, machine, and working environment.

    The working environment plays a major role in the employee‘s productivity. The working environment can impact in both ways towards productivity either positive or negative. According to the international organization who debates the rights of employee, most of the employee spend fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, which influence their actions abilities, productivity, and mental status. Increased productivity is assumed to be the result of a good workplace. The physical environment of the office can boost the employees and which ultimately results in an increase in productivity of the employees. 

    According to various researches and studies, the major reason for the loss of productivity or downfall of the production is office environment includes dissatisfaction of work culture, cluttered workplace, politics, and physical factors too. If employees are physically and emotionally fit have more desired to work. Moreover, a proper workplace reduces absenteeism which ultimately increases the productivity of the whole organization.


    Following are some factors that lead to loss of productivity:

    ·Low Morale – If workers are not motivated enough, they will contribute less to work and takes more time to complete particular tasks.

    ·Poor Hygiene- A non-conducive physical working environment with poor hygiene conditions leads to productivity loss.

    ·Non-Competent Workforce - The goals of employees should match with the goals of the organization if not will lead to the loss of productivity.

    ·When the management style itself is defective or the delegation of work is not proper, such poor management techniques could also result in low productivity


    Thus, Improved working conditions are correlated with increased productivity and firm profit.

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