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    Team Productivity


    Team Productivity

    1.What is Team Productivity?

    Productivity is defined as a measure of how efficient something is. In modern-day human resource is a very important asset for any company. However, to have an improved efficiency it is important to succeed at getting the most out of human capital. Productivity can also be defined as how much a person can complete or achieve a task in a given time. Team productivity is  defined differently than productivity. The definition of it differs concerning industries and departments. team productivity is a measure of activities performed to receive a quality output in a fixed period. It also includes increasing the amount of satisfaction in employees by giving them essential tools to perform tasks with complete efficiency. Team productivity is essential for a company to survive in a competitive world.

    2. As a manager of a technical team, how will you measure your team's productivity-- will you use just the final product or will you include in your measurement any interpersonal elements?

    Not every team can be evaluated on the same basis. However, knowing how well your employees can result in better outcomes. Even though one on one interaction with the employees is necessary but certain measures can also make sure that the team smoothly functions. Few ways this can be measured are as follows: First way is to use the planned-to-done ratio it measures the percentage of tasks assigned to a particular team are completed satisfactorily this analysis gives the manager an insight of the team’s potential and capacity. When a deadline is months away, the amount of pressure is less to complete projects. When you divide work in cycles the efficiency increases rather than checking whether the task is delivered on time this can also keep in check the efficiency of the team. While working in small teams, the presence of all team members can make a significant impact on the success of the final product. It is easy to figure out how much a team member is invested in the project this can be recorded by keeping in check the number of meetings missed, sick leaves, and how many times a person arrived late to work. These factors may be signs of health issues or other problems but this can create mental stress on other team members. If one team member is not pulling their weight, it can overburden other employees who have to work extra may feel the brunt especially if the team is small and working on tight deadlines.

    3. As a manager, if one of your teams is very productive, what types of rewards are available to reward the team?

    Rewards are an excellent way to maximize outcomes. Team-based rewards are any formal incentives provided to a team or any team. Rewards can be monetary or non-monetary. Monetary team-based rewards include one-time cash bonuses, permanently increased base salary, and variable pay. Non-monetary team-based rewards include achievement awards, leaves, and dinners, and party. There are seven major type of rewards team gain sharing, profit sharing, goal-based rewards, discretionary rewards, team skill rewards, goal-based rewards, merit rewards These rewards whether monetary or not help enhance the productivity and work and create a sense of appreciation among the employees.

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