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  • Business Strategist With Lead

    Location Haryana
    Company BIG 4
    Category 2
    Posted On 25/01/2019

    Job Overview:

    Business Strategist With Lead


    Key Responsibilities: 

    • Conceptualize, plan and execute strategic initiatives which enhances customer experience across the customer lifecycle
    • Own end-to-end impact delivery of projects – including ideation, problem solving, developing execution plan, implementation and process stabilization
    • Partner with relevant stakeholders (Product, Technology, Marketing, Contracting, Finance, Operations etc.) to drive cross-functional initiatives and deliver project outcomes which positively impacts your category
    • Regularly analyze external market trends, internal metrics and competitor strategies to generate business insights and enable gap analysis.
    • Help your manager in developing an overall strategy for the category cluster (such as international holidays, domestic holidays etc.)


    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • Awesome Problem Solving – should be able to structure a problem, analyze data to derive insights and generate hypothesis, identify possible solutions, and determine the scope of the project
    • Superb communication skills – should be able to facilitate working meetings, ask good questions, listen to the answers (really listen), and absorb what’s being said
    • Ability to handle and analyses data 
    • Good Stakeholder management - The ability to coordinate with multiple business stakeholders is also an important part of the job. You will have to break down their business problems into quantifiable metrics and insights that make sense to them
    • Good team management skills – ability to manage “crack” teams focused on driving innovation and executing across company.


    Education & Experience:

    • Tier 1 Graduate school. 3-4 years of Experience in Tier 1 consulting firm. OR
    • Tier 1 MBA School with 1-3 years of Experience. Start-up experience a bonus. OR
    • Tier 1 MBA School with 1-3 years of Tier 1 Consulting Experience

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